Donut Snowman

by La-Dee-Da Crafter on December 10, 2012 · 3 comments

In the effort to keep the festivities going all month, why not make your meals fun? Even breakfast can be fun. I made these snowmen out of donuts and they make the perfect breakfast treat. Make a bunch of these and take them to your kids school for a fun treat too!

These are easy to make. You need powdered donuts and skewers. Also add in chocolate chips and carrots.

First, assemble your snowman. Take skewer and put through donuts.

 I cut the end of the carrot off and added it to the top donut.

Now, add your chocolate chips.

For the scarf, I used washi tape. This can be easily removed but a food substitute is the sour straws.

Just cut the tape. I love this stuff!!!! I also cut the end like a scarf fringe.

Now, wrap up in a treat bag or serve. This are so cute and fun to make so I hope you do.

Kids love these and heck, adults too!!!

So donut fun, So Snow-y and SO La-Dee-Da!!!!

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