Christmas Devotional{More Christ}

by La-Dee-Da Crafter on December 11, 2012 · 0 comments

*Disclaimer: This is a religious post but no affiliation*

This Christmas I have really stayed out of the hustle and bustle. So far, I have been somehwhat successful and I have really enjoyed the holiday season. Even before Thanksgiving, I had a revelation and made myself a promise.

Look closely at the word:


What do you see?

I saw Christ and mas

mas in spanish means “More”

So, it hit me. More Christ!

I promised myself that I would try really hard to focus on More, more, more. More of Christ this season.

More, more, more….It seems in the world we live in today, it is all about getting more and wanting more. You hear it when you are out in the hustle and bustle. You hear it in your homes and at work. If only I had more……fill in the blank.

-          more money in the bank

-          more vacations

-          more toys like a boat, new car or that new video game system…you know adult toys

- For us crafters, new crafting toys

-          more time in the day

-          more energy

-          more opportunities to succeed

-          more kids or any kids at all

-          more time with my spouse

That list could go on and on. We could all add to it with our desires for more. I think that is why as a country we love the All you can eat buffets  and have it your way attitude because we always think we want more or need more and on our terms.

How often do we seek more in our spiritual lives?

 How would that change us inwardly and ultimately reflect an outward change?

. Sometimes our eyes are just too big for our appetites. Sometimes our desires look like needs but really they are just wants. Sometimes our focus shifts onto ourselves and  we lose sight of what others need. How often do I catch myself doing this and I feel like a failure? I catch myself in a pity party and looking at what I don’t have and I lose sight of the many blessings I do have.

More Christ. How can we go wrong with more of Christ in our lives?

If Christ is the center, then everything else just falls in place. Not saying life will be perfect. I don’t know anyone who has the perfect life but I do know people who live content lives. They made a decision to focus on what they do have, not what is missing.

This season, I have met a young family who has reminded me of this. They are a young couple with a 1 year old son. They live with no furniture, in a tiny apartment and their refrigerator is not always stocked. Their goal is to work hard and not rely on Government assistance. They made the decision not to. The community I live in, gathered together to help them this Christmas. It is the baby’s first Christmas and a true desire of their hearts is for him to have a good one.

Have you ever seen something and you think, “I see God’s hand in this and his glory. “

I did when I saw a truck load of donations from a couch, to a baby bed and even toys for the little guy. Not only that but their refrigerator is stocked full and they now have gift cards to go buy more.

When asked what they would like for Christmas, their answer was “seriously, anything”

I thought over my life and every year from the time I was a kid, I have had a list of things I would like. But not these people, they would love anything. That is so humbling.

I went shopping for this young family and it was fun looking at all of the toys and imagining that all of them would make this little family smile. It was a joy to shop for them and focus on them and their needs. I soon realized that seeing this family happy and content is what I want this Christmas. But not only that, but I would for YOU to help someone in need this year as well. No matter where you live, these people live around you and they are in deperate need for “anything.”

This year, I have set aside the hustle and bustle. I have bought some things for family but I really just want to focus on “More Christ” because they is truly what I want for this holiday and for 2013.

I am not perfect. I have had that inward change in my life as I realized all of the things that I held onto and wanted more of, didn’t really matter. I have lost important people in my life, I have disappointed people and God by my actions, but I know that I am God’s creation that isn’t done yet. He continues to work on us every day and he won’t stop. He molds us and as we try each day, he gives us strength and courage. He showers us with his mercy and grace.  He loves us and is well pleased by our efforts.

I hope this Christmas season and in the new year, you will focus on More Christ as well. More service to others. You will get off track at times. It is bound to happen. You will stumble and lose focus, but get back up and try, try again. You can make the world around you beautiful. It takes one person to try. Ann Frank said it best with this quote.

 Start with Christ. Christmas is the season for starting fresh. Our Savior was born.

Not  just for this season, More Christ I need

Not just for this season, More grace showered upon me

Not just for this season, More sensitity to the spirit I desire

Not just for this season, More fogiveness is required

Not just for this season, may we always remember

that the spirit of Christmas can be with us all the days of the year

If our focus is on Christ,

we can feel the spirit that guides

that leads

and always reveals people who are in need

No matter what time of year it is, more Christ I need

                                                         ~ written by the La-Dee-Da Crafter

So devotional, So More Christ and SO La-Dee-Da!

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