Sassy Snow Woman

by La-Dee-Da Crafter on November 7, 2012 · 1 comment

How to make a Sassy Snow Woman!

Another Christmas craft! YES, it is! I am going back and forth crafting Thanksgiving and then back to Christmas. It is like crafting schizophrenia around here. When I decided to combine my love for leopard print and red for Christmas, I knew I had to decorate my dining room in this theme this year. Then, I started crafting because I am so excited about it.

This is the first of many DIY leopard and red decor. I had 3 bowls from the Dollar store and when I looked at them, I thought-snowman.

So, first take your 3 bowls and glue them together. Use Gorilla Glue or any strong glue. I stacked mine up and glued. Let this sit for a while so you know it is all stuck together.





Now, here is the tricky part. I wanted a real, like snow texture. So, I took fake snow. The kind you buy in the store and spray on your tree or windows. I sprayed my bowls and let it sit for hours. Then, I came back and sprayed on a craft sealer. You can get these at craft stores. This allows the snow to stay on better and not flake off.

Now, it was all covered and ready to be embellished. I took black buttons for the eyes and body. I know she doesn’t have a mouth but she has a cute nose that I cut out of scrap beadboard. I just painted it an orange/brown-ish color.

Then, I took this cute and sparkly flower and added it to her head. Now, that is sassy! I love this color red and the fact that it is glittery and sparkly makes me so happy!

I added some leopard fabric for her scarf and some red bells.

I think she is perfectly sassy with her leopard on and that red!

What makes this craft even better is I spent $3 for the bowls, $2 for the flower and I had everything else in my craft room.

For $5, I have a cute snow woman that will stay on my dining room table. Now, I need to decorate around her.

Let the leopard and red decorating begin!!!

So Leopard loving, So Christmas sassy and So La-Dee-Da!

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