Halloween Gifts for Friends

by La-Dee-Da Crafter on October 21, 2012 · 4 comments

How do you say “Happy Halloween?”

I wanted to give some of my friends and neighbors a Halloween gift. We also “boo’ed” our friends and neighbors but I wanted a gift for my friends who I know love to decorate for Halloween.

One of my favorite websites to buy crafts from is Finger Snapper! Here you can find craft kits that are easy to do and so very cute. I love ordering from here for my craft nights. They make it easy and its affordable.

I decided to make these Halloween signs{below}.

I had fun making each one different. Here are 2 that I made:


When you order from Finger Snapper, you get the wood and vinyl in the kits. So, you need your own paint and embellishments but that is the most fun part. So be creative!

Here is how I made mine:

Step 1: Paint your board

Step 2: Distress it{this is optional. I love that look. I use sand paper}

Step 3: Embellish your sign. For the top one I used paint but for the 2nd one I took a piece of fabric and Mod Podged it on.

Step 4: Apply the vinyl. Make sure your vinyl is where you want it when you put it on the board. Now, use a Credit card and rub the vinyl so it sticks. I sanded my board well so the vinyl stuck really well.


How easy is that?

I also made this sign that bought from Finger Snapper. I love it for our “Little Monsters Halloween Party.”

My friends will love these. You can find so many gift and project ideas over at Finger Snapper so head over there and explore.

I am not compensated for advertising Finger Snapper. I just really love this site!!!

So very cute, So Halloween fun and So La-Dee-Da!  


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