Soda Pop for your “Pop”

by La-Dee-Da Crafter on June 16, 2011 · 8 comments

What will you serve to drink for dad on Father’s Day? How about some soda pop for your “pop”?

I found a great free printable here:

I loved the retro look and the colors. Go there and print your own copies.

I went to the store and bought Fanta in bottles. I love the look of bottles and that seems retro to me.


I cut out the retro labels and modge podged them right on the bottles. Easy, easy, right?

Then, I kept this cardboard carrier from McDonalds. Yes, it was from a visit to McDonald’s for some yummy fudge chocolate sundae’s. And thrifty dessert, they are just $1. Yummy and thrifty!

I got to painting this beauty and added my own art to it. I used freezer paper stencils to write out “Soda Pop for “pop”. I also painted dots on it. Just to add some fun to it!!!

Now, before everyone grabs their soda to drink, this is a cool way to display soda pop for “pop”. It is all about presentation.


So retro, So soda pop fun and So La-Dee-Da!!!

Come back tomorrow and check out another Father’s Day gift idea. I have 1 or 2 more up my sleeve. Come back friends!

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